Our Programs

our programs are flexibly tailored for both short-term and long-term placements to meet the needs of both international volunteers as well as the schools and local communities

Learn Mandarin Chinese

You can attend Mandarin Chinese course from 4 weeks up to 1-year placement, depending upon your personal demand. You will learn the comprehensive skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.It is a speed-up course with intensive curriculum.

Mandarin Summer Camp

Mandarin Summer Camp will bring international volunteers to experience the Chinese language and culture in a very unique way,including the in-class instruction and outdoor experiencing by using what you have learnt in class.

Teach English

We bring international volunteers who are native speakers of English to teach conversational English to the Chinese students and kids in local needy communities. The duration of the program is about for three months for the spring or the fall semester.

English Summer Camp

We place international volunteers who are native speakers of English to join our English summer camp during July or August to interact with our Chinese students in English conversation and topics. There are lots to enjoy while spending a wonderful and awesome summer time in China

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of educators and professionals around the world, engaged in international education exchanges and cultural understanding as well as enhancement.

What We Do

Our Services

Program Organizing and Planning

  • Enrollment
    For enrollment of international learners who wish to attend the Mandarin course and Chinese majors, you will need to submit the following documents:…
  • Orientation
    We will send one representative to pick you up either in Yantai airport or the train station to meet you and transfer you…
  • Tutoring
    We could organize any private tutors for you if you demand a small-fee basis. During the whole program period, we could help you…
  • Social Clubs
    You can join many social clubs and partake many social activities and to make new friends around you in local communities.. There are…
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